Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Peachcake: Who Are These People and Why Does This Music Suck (an actual title of one of their songs)

This blog post comes to your bloodshot computer-strained eyes through the ingenuity of the internet and the beautiful pixels on your 13" inch macbook with a small crack in the screen that you made from dropping your iphone on it oh, I forgot that's just me, but also from my terrible childhood where I grew up in Qatar with no friends and spent most of my time on the computer downloading mp3's from The Music Slut which actually isn't even a thing anymore and maybe don't even go there because yeah there are some weird jpegs there alright it's the internet.

Anyways, Peachcake was a band I found out about on Myspace, probably somewhere around the eighth grade and they probably had at least 300 myspace friends. Their sound is pretty upbeat and pop-punky, pretty close to Hellogoodbye, who they opened for on tour and are at least 5 times less listenable than. Cue Peachcake song which was actually sort of difficult to find because some people post recipes for peach cake on youtube and I guess this was before the time when bands' names had to have a certain googlability.

This song was one of the first I heard and I find it equally annoying and enjoyable. This youtube commenter sums up the Peachcake //~brand~// very accurately:
Peachcake had great song names like "Jeremiah, Stop Taking Bukowski So Seriously...," "Stop Acting Like You Know More About The Internet Cafe Than Me," and "Did I Just Do That, Or Was It Jim Carrey," so I would highly recommend listening to them, if not for the whole music aspect than for the rush of seeing these ridiculous sentences on your ipod and screwing up your radio.
"Why do I do  this, why do I care and why does anyone care for that matter?"--Peachcake: the voice of a generation or at least twelve high school seniors who quoted them in their yearbooks.

I guess the band actually came out with an album last year and added a blonde girl with bangs on the ukulele for the ~schwing!~/adorkable appeal but this song says they will "love me anyway" even though I am hardcore trash talking these bros online and considering the chances that these guys work at arbys/home depot/hot topic/radioshack/hotdog on a stick/Ross Dress for Less/a record store that is going out of business due to the rise in music pirating, respectively.

Um, In Conclusion I am writing this because I get pissed off when I google things that matter to me and nothing I want comes up and Peachcake needs to be a chapter of music history recorded in the 10110100101's of the internet for all time or whatever. ...I hope you never read this blog again either.

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