Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taylor Swift's Childhood Home is For Sale

no way. our love-hate relationship is more alive than ever.
BUT: get this--you could own Taylor Swift's Childhood Home! With a donation of $800,000 and a son of marriageable age! (just kidding i actually don't think it's cool to judge young teen stars for their dating choices it's actually really shallow and dumb) It was "home to Taylor Swift, who lived here for 10 yrs before moving to Nashville to become a star!" Uhh sellout much? 
In all, this just solidifies my belief that the best way to be a famous musician is to have rich parents.
So hey Taylor maybe shut up about being such an "average girl" when you grew up in a 6 bed, 5 bath 5,000 square foot house where you lived with your parents and one sibling.
I was born into a tiny apartment in the ghetto part of Santa Barbara, near one of Oprah's mansions but in the area where her janitors lived. And this is why I probably won't be successful.

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