Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paramore: not into you anymore

Paramore is my guilty pleasure. Yes, I know it's not 2007, I'm not 14, and fueled by ramen has seen better days, but I always thought there was something about the band that made them different. Hayley Williams was incredibly relatable--a girl who was truly pissed about the world just like you. She understood being weird in high school and annoyed with cheerleaders and not fitting in and being angry. Plus she had an incredible voice that competed with classic emo-style guitar riffs.

"Still Into You," is nothing like this. Williams plays the role of a sad desperate girl waiting around for a guy to like her back--nothing like the violent, angsty girl who demanded your attention. With two core members leaving the band, Williams has lost her edge and transformed into an emotion-less pop star with a sugary, generic backing track. Fans will surely find that everything Paramore stood for has disappeared, leaving a totally unrecognizable and boring new band. RIP Paramore. 


  1. I totally agree :( I miss the old angsty powerful rocky tunes and her belting voice.
    The new album is so sugary and boring.

  2. I'm sorry.. But I have to disagree. They sound awesome! They are growing up, of course they aren't going to be the same angsty teen band that we knew when we were teens. They are growing up just like we are, and they are trying to appeal to all of us teens that listened to them back in 2007. Every band changes their music a bit some time in their career. I personally love their new songs! I know that other people aren't going to have this same opinion. But I like how Hayley Williams has done stuff different in the songs with her voice. Also there is still angst in some of the songs. Not all of them are sugary and boring. Personally, I think none of them are boring!

  3. As much as I agree that they have really changed to be far more pop than rock and I don't feel I will personally be listening to any of their new stuff, I have to disagree about your description of the song showing her as a girl waiting on a guy at all, it sounds like a girl being surprised that she's still into the guy as much as when the relationship began, nothing wrong with a love song once in a while.

  4. I'm sorry, did you even listen to the lyrics of this song? It's not about pining over a guy she's lost, she's talking about the guy she is currently with. "Can count the years on one had we've been together...". The whole point is that after being together for so long, she is still into him, that even though they have ups and downs, she is still into him.

    Also, this is legit the only song on this record that is super poppy in nature, which makes sense cause let's be real, they need to have at least one song that is marketable to radioplay. I really don't think we're listening to the same album, cause this one is more complex and intense than any of the ones they've done before.