Friday, February 8, 2013

The New Girls

I hate the show New Girl. There. I said it. Not only is it not funny, not original, and not interesting in any way, there are many aspects of this show that are direct representations of problems within our culture. One of them is every woman on the show is represented as a perfect beautiful sex symbol, a mysterious ~woman~ who men are pining after and intrigued by. Every female character in this show has beauty and femininity as their defining traits, making their characters impressively shallow. From the very few times I have watched this show, this is what I've waned from it:
Zooey Deschanel--Jess
She's cute! She's quirky! She's awkward! She's adorkable! She's...a manic pixie dream girl, and if you're seen Garden State, Ruby Sparks, or like, any movie ever you've probably seen her before. She's a stock character--a cardboard cut out of how nerdy screenwriters who have never had a girlfriend and spend most of their time in cold board rooms wearing hoodies while surrounded by other men, view women. I mean actually it's very realistic and all women teach elementary school, trot around in pretty dresses with bows on them, and play the bells. I feel like I'm describing a 5 year old.
I'm cute! After this let's play hopscotch and eat jello and I have no real thoughts or ideas I'm just here to look cute!!!!

Cece's a model! Right, because these are the jobs women have. Other than that she is even less interesting than Jess. Every time she's discussed it's related to how she's a model--like, does she want to come over and bring some hot model friends? Here are some cool things she thinks about (such as advising aspiring models to starve themselves and remember the importance of lip gloss). She dated the bro roommate but they broke up because another guy liked her and he couldn't handle it. Women have an infinite number of men at their disposal at any given moment.

Caroline is Nick's ex-girlfriend who dumped him. He's still in love with her and she treats him horribly and strings him along. So women have the power in every relationship and men are just again, at their disposal. Blonde girls must suck.

I had to look this up but I guess Kim is the bro roommate's boss who is the stereotypical harsh working woman. They make out. So again, women are sexy and in control. This character already bores me.
Angie meets Nick in the bar where he works. She's a stripper and she already has a boyfriend but she and Nick sort of date until she dumps him. There's a lot to aspire to here.

In all, I find the portrayal of female characters in this show highly insulting and really don't think it's worth anyone's time. However, I know many of my friends enjoy this show--feel free to try and convince me otherwise.


  1. Yes. Can we please have more television about beautiful stupid women? I just can't get enough of it.

  2. Used to follow the show but now I just can't find the time to site and watch it