Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Only Tomorrow--my favorite song so far off the new MBV album.

When I heard news that My Bloody Valentine was coming out with their first album in 22 years, well, it felt pretty weird. I was born in 1991, the year the band released their last album. For the duration of my entire life, MBV hadn't released any new music. It felt strange to have my life compared to MBV's body of work. I felt small but old at the same time--friends talked of shoegaze like an ancient and distant happening, allowing the conversation to drift to outdated music movements like ska and 2000's indie pop.

I was lucky enough to have a friend email me mp3's of the album about an hour after the it "was released." How he got them so fast--I have no idea. (If you happen to be reading this: holy crap. Thank you.) I had gone out with friends that night, thinking I would listen to the album later. (Sorry Kevin Shields, you did not steal my friday night with your weird social experiment.)

When I did listen to the album, I felt the opposite of how others talked about it. As someone who listens to bands that were heavily influenced by MBV and a LOT of grunge music, I feel like this album is still relevant now. Maybe because I am living in the past, but maybe not. I can definitely see comparisons to chillwave and dream pop bands that seem to be dominating the music culture now (Beach House anyone? Listen to "Is This Yes" alongside their early stuff and get back to me.) But as we all know, music movements build on each other and the fact that repercussions of MBV are still relevant now isn't surprising--they are a great band.

What I'm trying to get at is two things:
1. You should probably go here and read much more eloquent and intelligent reactions to this album.

2. There is something to be said about a 21 year old girl who still feels deeply connected to musical movements that happened at the time of her birth. I think my generation revisits the music of the early 90's not only because it was an incredible time for music, but also because it is still highly influential today. That and because the music video for "Kool Thing" is really awesome.

I started this blog without a clear objective--I just wanted to talk about what I wanted to talk about. And 90% of the time that's music. I feel good about that.

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