Monday, January 14, 2013

News 1/14

Karen O. is a blonde! It sounds like a bad idea but it looks gorgeous! I'm a fan.
Along with that exciting but shallow news, the YYY's have released the artwork for their new album.
I'm not crazy about it, buuuuut I'm glad they're releasing new music. Mosquito comes out April 16.
Read an interview at Pitchfork or a show review at Hollywood Reporter.

In completely unrelated other news, did you know that Al Roker of the Today Show pooped his pants at the WHITE HOUSE?! When I heard jokes about him and poop I just thought they were funny, but this actually happened. I guess he had gastric bypass surgery, and this is a common result which is actually kinda sad but this is the internet and nothing is sacred I guess. I'm just glad that Al is okay because seriously no one does the weather like Al. Also I guess he thinks the government is crap. Literally.
Here's a video about it.

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