Saturday, January 19, 2013

Best Destiny's Child Outfits

Destiny's Child gets a bad rap on the internet for being notoriously tackily dressed, but this is something I strongly disagree with. Destiny's Child have always been trailblazing--in fashion, music, feminism, etc. Here's the BEST of their outfits, and why they rule.

"Surviror" outfits
Camo is going to come back in a weird cool ironic way and it's going to be awesome. You heard it here first. DC was soooo ahead of its time.
"Lose My Breath" outfits
 These outfits are amazing in the sense that they are totally hood but still classy. I especially love Kelly's outfit--it's like glam 70's disco from the streets. Get in my closet. The weird pink and red disco suits they wear in the video are also awesome.
"Say My Name" garage dance outfits
I am somewhat opposed to orange patent leather, but these work. These outfits are so sexy and cool, and high-waisted leather pants are so in even now. The dance they do is so powerful and I love the way it just says DONT EVEN MESS WITH ME I KNOW I'M HOT! I think this is one of the best videos OF ALL TIME. (in Kanye West voice)
Belly-bearing Boy Scout look
THESE RULE! Boyscouts are great and Destiny's Child is great, what is there not to like. (Although B, that hat is seriously gross. You can do better.)
10/10, would like to own!
Sexy Navy (?) Uniforms
Uniforms again, huh? So these kind of look like stripper outfits or halloween costumes, but whatever. I think the social commentary DC is making on women and the military is groundbreaking and fascinating. 

Empowered Cavewomen
Okay, so the background on this one is weird. But again, social commentary! Why do we hear so much about cavemen and so little about cavewomen. Definitely a pitch for herstory. I give the idea a 10/10 but the outfits....
Glittery Seaweed Gowns
Maybe these dresses make it seem like DC is just emerging from the ocean, covered in algae, but they are so creative and revealing in such unexpected ways (ie: Michelle only has clothing on one side of her body and B's stomach has a huge X over it). Great work Mama Knowles. Plus there are five grammy's on the ground. Holding them would obstruct the view of the dresses.
"Soldier" Mobster and Great Dane Look
Military reference again! These are so intimidating. Empowering, really!! The polka dots and onesies are so cute though. They could sell this stuff at Forever 21 and everyone would be all over it.
Cowgirl Chic
This is what everyone should have worn in Coyote Ugly. DC is just like that movie with better singing and better outfits.
Native American Beauties
They respect other cultures! For some reason these just seem really expensive to me. How much does that turquoise stuff cost? A lot right? 
Note how they did respectful bowing poses instead of making Asian eyes or peace signs. These girls should be ambassadors!

Not Sorry About the Saris
They even sort of look Indian here, so that's dedication. These look classy and respectful, while still totally bumpin. And again, sexy but culturally sensitive.

 Okay, so they really like dressing Indian:

But they still know America is #1.

(These are the opposite of Old Navy Flag Tees.)
continuing on....

Cute n Crafty
They look cute and fun, and it probably took a really long time to knit all that. A for effort.

Swirls and Curls
I don't like these ones but I can't say anything bad about DC so...
Blue Babes
These are so pretty and sparkly! I love Kelly's dress, it's classic! If you say you don't like these you're lying. 
Blue Hawaii
Transforming that shirt your creepy uncle wore in Maui into beautiful outfits is quite a feat, and the girls look so good.
Tommy Hilfiger Ad
I did not know that black people liked Tommy Hilfiger until just now.
Beyonce's belly jewelery is seriously fierce. Like Sasha Fierce. These outfits probably single-handedly started the gypsy skirt trend where for two years every girl looked like Cinderella [when she was mopping floors, before she got pretty] and it was disgusting.
6/10 for accidentally starting a bad fashion craze

Destiny's Child is the best.

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