Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Brief History of Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis has called her next solo album 80% done. (!!!) Let's take a short tour of Jenny Lewis history.

She started her career doing commercials, like this one for Toys R Us.

She taught us  how to angst-ily use a popcorn maker, because a microwave doesn't cut it UGH PARENTS why can't you just let me make popcorn and leave me alone life is so hard.

She really loved cereal....

She danced with cereal chefs!!!

and she's gotta have her pops UGH MOM WHY ARE WE IN THE WOODS  I JUST WANNA HAVE MY POPS (she had mommy issues from a young age).

She starred in Troop Beverly Hills. . .

. . . and The Wizard

And wore HATS!!! (maybe skip to 4:00) COOL HATS JEN! And nice purple trampoline sweatsuit. You were always a fashion icon. "Without the planet we wouldn't be here . . . stop using aerosol hairspray." Someone give this girl a Nobel prize!

She was looking so grunge in the movie Foxfire. (Yes, that is Angelina Jolie second from the right.)

And finally started Rilo Kiley with the bully from Boy Meets World.

She sang on The Postal Service's album and played Ben Gibbard's wife in this music video where this 70's  family is like you must can peaches, learn to play the synthesizer, and prepare for the apocalypse if you want to be a part of this family!

Meanwhile, still being awesome in Rilo Kiley.

She dated Conor Oberst in the most perfect relationship that should have lasted forever. . . (I'm crying.)

And teamed up with the Waston Twins to bring us Rabbit Fur Coat. Sarah Silverman is in this music video. Girl power heaven!

Rilo Kiley released Under the Blacklight in 2007, which was a definite departure from their usual style but still great.

She went back to her solo projects, and brought us Acid Tongue.

And in 2010 she released an album with her boyfriend Jonathan Rice (who is MEH) which I like and literally everyone else I know hates. 

I can't wait for her next album! She's been my idol probably since I was 15. I even dyed my hair red once but i didn't really work.
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This woman has practically had the same hairstyle her entire life.


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