Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guilty Pleasures I actually feel bad about

I avoid using the term "guilty pleasures," because there are few things I love that I am actually ashamed of. I'm not saying that because I only listen to things that are generally accepted as coolI have been known to jam Destiny's Child, The Partridge Family, Justin Bieber, and Call Me Maybe more than normal. But I don't feel bad about that. Here are bands that I listen to, like, and am ashamed of. 

Third Eye Blind

do do do do do doo do do do do do do doo do do do do do doo do do do.
I'm packed and I'm holdin she's living she's growin she lives for me says she lives for me ovation the world motivation she comes round and she goes down with me and i'll make her smile make her talk to you doeverwhatyouwannadocominoveryou
I don't even think those are the right lyrics, but that was my attempt to transcribe what happens whenever any song from this album starts playing: I immediately start singing along. I don't know how anyone couldn't. This album sort of changed my life, and I wish I were kidding, but I'm being 79% serious. When I was thirteen I was curious about music and went through my dad's CD collection. This was one of the first things I found. Thank you dad for having such awesome taste in music because I am still obsessed with Third Eye Blind and it is embarassing and I know all the words to all their songs, but I actually really LOVE them and I know it's weird and lame but I don't care. TEB rules, here's a link for you to listen to the whole album you're welcome.

Kylie Minogue

I don't know what it is, but I think Kylie Minogue is really cool. Growing up, all we got was MTV arabia, which played a lot of stuff like this which was okay but didn't really appeal to me that much. Kylie's music was in English, and I seemed to identify with it a lot more than European pop music for some reason. I guess it makes sense; she's like the Australian Britney. And those red cone-head outfits? So Devo. Plus that weird white jumpsuit/hoodie thing she wears is sort of awesome. Yeah, I am just into it.

Linkin Park

I remember seeing this video and having the distinct thought "Is this cool?" I honestly didn't know. And I still don't know if people actually liked Linkin Park, or if they were just making fun of the screaming and weird emo-anime vibes. In high school, I had a friend, let's call him Devin. Devin was the tallest, skinniest person I had ever met. He was Thai and obsessed with the internet and would move his hands like a crazed scientist and say things in weird voices and creep people out. In 3rd-year Spanish we were assigned to make children's picture books, and the main character of his was pedobear. Of course our teacher had never been on 4chan and didn't know what pedobear was but thought it was really cute and gave Devin an A+ and everyone was kinda annoyed but still laughing. ANYWAYS, we somehow became really good friends (despite him always saying things like "I HATE CURTAINS!!!!") and had a math class where Devin would imitate Linkin park's screaming in this song but only like 3 times more intense and everytime he did it I would bust up laughing. We would constantly make fun of Linkin Park but still listen to them. To this day I can't really take Linkin Park seriously or listen to them without laughing so I guess I don't really like them but I do listen to them for entertainment so it is still slightly embarrassing.

Sheryl Crow/Alanis Morissette

In my head, these are the same person. I love that both of these are just like "F THAT" songs. YEAH GIRL POWER. The world needs more angry women.

Savage Garden/Train
Again, these bands are the same thing in my mind. Also they haven't come out with anything in 10 years, so don't even try to talk to me about that hey soul sister song because it doesn't exist. 

"Can you imagine no love, pride, deep fried chicken?"Train
I feel like that explains itself.
Also, does anyone remember on Brad's season of the bachelor when he was on a date with Jackie and Train came and performed? Ugh. That entire thing made me want to gag because Jackie is so annoying and everything she says is dumb and she has a weird nose. Plus Train isn't even good anymore. I was forgetting that Train was still together and that kinda ruined it for me LONG LIVE TRAIN OF THE 90s.

When I was 10, I thought this song was SO GOOD and romantic. I still hope someone proposes to me with this song playing in the background. I would have to decline, but I plan on being proposed to several times by several different men so I'll be okay. But don't tell me this song isn't mesmerizing and strangely catchy. 

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